Shiatsu Treatment for Pathological Conditions

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This is a video that the workshop of continuing professional education organized by Japan Shiatsu Clinic was held at Canadian College of Shiatsu Therapy main campus in North Vancouver city on July 23, 2011.
Takuo Ikenaga sensei, graduated from the Japan Shiatsu College in 1978 and has over 35 years experience as a Shiatsu practitioner, was invited this workshop as a lecturer, and shared his Shiatsu techniques and knowledge folloing the pathological conditions such as “Tinnitus”, “Cramp in the Calf”, “Neck pain”, Frozen Shoulder”, as well as “Strained Back”.

池 永卓雄先生は、この度、カナダBC州にあるJapan Shiatsu Clinicを訪問され、同クリニックで毎月行われている、プロの指圧師の継続的専門教育「指圧道直伝会」へゲストスピーカーとして参加されました。同直 伝会では、あらかじめJapan Shiatsu Clinicスタッフからの質問がまとめられており、その質問に添って、耳鳴り、こむら返り、寝違え、五十肩、ぎっくり腰への指圧方法を実演を交えながらご指導くださいました。